What Our Parents Say

This is what some parents have said about our Nursery…

“Peter’s progress since being in the nursery has been phenomenal. He started in the baby room at seven months and my instincts were that I had made the right choice of nursery. Peter has settled in well and it really felt like home from home. The baby room team were so welcoming and genuine I instantly felt at ease.”

“We have been involved with all aspects of Ava’s nursery life right from how she would be weaned and what food we did or didn’t want her to have, to her sleep/nap routines and activities and interests she might have. It was almost like a mirror image of her home routines.”

“Maya has a development file from day one of her nursery career which has told us of her developmental journey through practitioner observations and photos which we have accessed regularly and has made amusing reading.”

“Ethan has made some great friends and quite often doesn’t want to leave at the end of the day, especially when they are playing football outside.”